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Our vodka is distilled five times through an eight-column still and polished twelve times using our proprietary filtering system to create one of the finest vodkas in the world. It is also Gluten-Free!

Anthony S. Quattrochi knew he wanted to do something extraordinary from a young age. Little did he know, his extreme motivation and budding consulting expertise would launch him into a whirlwind adventure in the fine dining industry. Working his way from the front of the home to the back of the house over the course of time, Anthony’s experience and passion led him to consulting.  With Anthony’s experience with some of America’s premier groups over the past 35 years, Anthony ventured into the restaurant business with determination for success and passion for his vision of small plates, his own private label wine and spirits, he opened up his own restaurant, T42. After consulting and opening for large corporations, Anthony always wanted to own his own restaurants and have his own private label wines and spirits.  With aspirations to open multiple restaurants, Anthony’s intent is to expand not only his culinary expertise but also his business ventures.

After 30 years in the restaurant industry, Anthony always envisioned creating a brand of his own. 

He started this dream by opening his own restaurant and his own concept, then his own private labels wines from regions near his heritage in Italy and even his own spirits.  Anthony really wanted to set himself apart by starting his own private label vodka.  He met his fiancé, Brandy at a golf event and they then started their journey together and Anthony introduced her to his vision.  He and his fiancé started to put their likes together and their love, not just for their family, but for their passion for cars to come up with the name Klutch Vodka for the brand. 

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