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MIAMI, FL / August 27, 2022 /


Klutch Vodka is thrilled to share that we have established a three-year partnership with the Miami Dolphins. 

We are excited to offer Miami Dolphins fans and all those attending Hard Rock Stadium events our award winning premium handcrafted vodka.


Founded in Florida, Klutch Vodka is thrilled to partner with a historic franchise like the Miami Dolphins and a world-class facility like Hard Rock Stadium to deliver a ‘Klutch Experience” to those attending Dolphins games.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership with the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium.  We believe this is the beginning of a long-lasting partnership where, hand in hand, we will continue to deliver a quality product and experience to our customers, while being heavily involved and supportive in our community,” said Klutch Vodka owner and CEO, Anthony S. Quattrochi.

Those attending Miami Dolphins game at Hard Rock will find a fully branded Klutch Vodka bar at the 100 Level (Section 116) and advertisements will be on display on digital banners throughout the stadium. Klutch Vodka invites all to follow our social media for special event announcements during Miami Dolphins games.
Klutch Vodka is 100% made in the United States.  Our vodka is made from local Midwestern corn, distilled 5 times through an eight column still, filtered or "polished" 12 times through 4 different materials in a proprietary process to create one of the finest vodkas in the world. 

Klutch Vodka is the founder and proud sponsor of Klutch Kares.  Klutch Kares’ provides financial assistance to those with special needs arising from childhood defects as well as students who have demonstrated the desire to achieve a higher education and need aid to achieve their dreams.

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