Our vodka is made from local Midwestern corn. It is distilled 5 times through an eight column still. It is filtered or "polished" 12 times through 4 different materials in a proprietary process to create one of the finest vodkas in the world.


We start with a light international style of gin, citrus forward and floral that is distilled 4 times.  We then add a small percentage of a London Dry style gin aged with organic juniper and infused with Grains of Paradise. We polish the blend 9 times through 3 proprietary materials.


Two Virgin Isle white rums that are blended and finished with French West Indies Agricole (a rum created from the first press of the sugar cane)…  Polished with a 6-stage filtration employing 3 proprietary materials.


We age our whiskey in Minnesota White Oak. The inside barrel staves are spiral cut to expose more surface area. The barrels are then double toasted to bring the essential ingredients to the forefront and then charred at Level 3. Our pre-filtered ethanol enhanced by our techniques to advance maturation provide us with a 1-year old whiskey/bourbon that competes effectively with other brands aged four years or more. We can also create custom barrels (approx. 53 gallons at 120 proof that produces approx. 24 cases) to your own custom blend of corn, wheat and rye.

Our Bourbon is a 100% corn product with great flavor and rich mouth feel. It is bottled at 80 Proof.

Our Whiskey is a 50/50 blend of Midwestern Corn and imported Italian Wheat. The added flavor notes from the wheat subtly enhance the goodness that our all-corn Bourbon brings to the party.